What Are Some Building Design Options for a Granny Flat?

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Granny flats are a trend that has revolutionized the way people look at long-term care and home health care for the elderly. The concept is designed for elderly who may not be able to live on their own, but who do not want to move to an assisted living or elder care facility. Instead of being forced into this type of living situation, family members can choose to help their elder family member live peacefully as well as safely in a granny flat located on the family's property, just as if they were aging at home. If this sounds like an ideal option for you, here are some building design options to consider.

Heated Flooring

One of the key points of having a granny flat is comfort. You do not want the flat to look or feel like a hospital. You want it to be warm and inviting and one of the options that can help with this goal is a heated floor. Heated flooring can be put throughout the granny flat and set at specified temperatures depending on the room. You can also have a manual switch to adjust the temperature. These flooring options have several benefits including the use of very little electricity to keep them operating.

Wet Room Baths

One of the issues for many elderly looking at aging in place or granny flat options is mobility. This may mean they are in a wheelchair, motorized scooter, or other form of mobility assistance as necessary. With this kind of issue, getting in and out of shower or bath as well as maneuvering in a bathroom can be difficult. For this reason, many building design contractors offer wet room designs, especially when granny flats are concerned. This type of room allows the family member to move their scooter, wheelchair, or other mobility device easily into shower areas for bathing without having to move around obstacles such as shower entry walls, doors, or steps.  These rooms are also usually equipped with assistance aides such as wall-mounted stabilizing bars.

Retractable Covered Patios

Many of the traditional granny flats do offer an area where a patio or outdoor sitting area can be attached. The problem is that these areas are largely uncovered and exposed to rain and harsh sunlight. Your building designer can help create a retractable covered patio option that offers an adjustable awning that can easily be extended or withdrawn with a remote system located in the home. This makes it easy to use for your family member for various weather conditions.

These are only three of the building design options available for granny flats. For more information, pricing, and options consider a consultation with your local building design contractor, like one at Bill Jacobs Pty. Ltd.