Four Ways A Land Surveyor Can Help With Property Development

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A land surveyor is a professional who uses surveying tools and techniques to determine the boundaries of properties, plan out subdivisions, and prepare maps for land development and unit development

Land surveys are an important part of property development. Here are four ways a land surveyor can help with property development;

1. A Land Surveyor Can Help With Unit Development 

A unit title scheme is one where individual blocks of land are subdivided into separate titles for each owner or tenant. A land surveyor will determine how many blocks you need to achieve your desired number of units, then prepare a plan showing how each block fits together and which direction each side faces on the street. The plan will also show where each block sits on its own allotment relative to its neighbour's allotments or other public lands such as footpaths or roads.

2. A Property Development Expert Can Help With A Site Plan

A site plan is a detailed drawing showing how your building will be constructed within its boundaries in relation to neighbouring buildings and infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and stormwater drains. This information is used by council planners when considering planning applications for your property. The site plan should be drawn to scale and clearly show the dimensions of your building, including any existing structures such as fences or sheds. 

3. A Property Development Expert Can Help Ensure Compliance With Unit Building Regulations

A land surveyor will ensure that you are complying with your local council's unit building regulations during construction and afterwards when people move in. For example, if you're building a block of flats or townhouses in Australia, you will need to ensure that each unit has a separate entrance, access to natural light and ventilation. Other requirements will vary state to state and council to council. Land surveyors are familiar with relevant legislation for unit developments regarding fire ratings, sound transmission, height limits, setbacks, parking and more. They help design units and communal spaces to comply with all statutory requirements. 

4. A Property Development Expert Can Help Determine Value Of Your Property For Sale Or Purchase

Land surveyors are experts in property valuation and can help you determine the value of your land. They will estimate its potential as a subdivision, which will give you an idea of what it could be worth if sold as blocks or units. They can also assess the value of your existing property relative to other houses in the area that have recently sold. This is particularly useful when buying or selling in a market where prices are rising quickly.

A land surveyor is an essential part of any property development in Australia. To get started with your unit development, chat with one today.