The Various Types of Repairs That Can Be Performed on Your Concrete Driveway

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In the construction industry, concrete is most popular for its durability. Durable concrete is expected to maintain its original form and quality when subjected to the environment. But that is not always possible, because concrete structures may be plagued with chemical attacks, abrasion, weathering action, or any other form of wear. That's why concrete repairs are often needed. Here's a look at some common types of repairs that can be made on your concrete driveway.

Surface repairs

The surface of your concrete paving is usually the first to indicate that something is amiss. Most often, cracking will show when your driveway starts to deteriorate. The cracks may be small or large, but that should not matter a lot because every crack will need to be patched up. Start by cleaning the cracks to remove any loose debris. This will help ensure the repair material (concrete sealer) bonds well with the old surface. 

Once the cracks are clear of debris, fill them up with a concrete sealer and use a trowel to make sure the material is properly compacted into the crack. Allow the sealer enough cure time before applying a high-quality water sealer to it.


Concrete strengthening repairs are meant to restore the structural integrity of deteriorated concrete. On driveways, these repairs are generally carried out to reinstate the initial load capacity of damaged concrete. Where strengthening is needed, a number of techniques can be utilised, including concrete reinforcing with fibres. Usually, the fibres are plastic-based filaments added to the repair mix to help minimise the segregation of concrete members during placement.

Once the repair work is completed and the concrete has cured, the inherent fragility of concrete is reduced because the fibre reinforcement acts to "tie together" concrete within the matrix. This, in turn, effectively discourages the formation of surface cracking.

Cosmetic repairs

The original colour of your concrete driveway may fade, over time. This is can be due to a host of things including constant stormwater runoff, prolonged exposure to the sun, poor color application, tyre marks, oil stains, among several other factors. Luckily, the concrete colour can be reinstated by simply applying a fresh coat of a high-quality staining product. With a good sealer to protect the newly-stained driveway, you can be sure that its beauty will not wane for several years to come.

To make sure that the repairs carried out on your concrete driveway stand the test of time, ask a concrete contractor to do the work for you.