Why Asphalt?

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Why should you choose to use asphalt for your driveway? Besides its nice, clean look, there are many benefits to selecting this material over other popular options. Here are the reasons that asphalt will be a good selection for paving your home's driveway.


Depending on the size of your driveway, the process of laying down the asphalt is fast. It must be done while the asphalt is hot. You should not expect the laying process to take longer than two days even for large driveways. Compared with concrete, asphalt is safe for driving much sooner than concrete is, though there is a time period where you can drive on it but should not park on it. That lag is about the same for both. Asphalt driveways will allow you to regularly use them more quickly, meaning that you will be inconvenienced the least amount possible.


The reason concrete is normally poured in sections is that is can crack easily. The concrete must be replaced by section as there is no way to repair or patch over the crack. Asphalt, on the other hand, does not experience that same flaking. Additionally, if a mixture is put on asphalt to help the snow melt more quickly, and the mixture has not been mixed correctly, this will not hurt the asphalt as it might hurt concrete. Asphalt is a bit more flexible, meaning that it can withstand more pressure, making it less likely to crack.


Crack sealant is available should any cracks make their appearance. This sealant is relatively inexpensive and should not need to be used often. Additionally, you would be able to apply the sealant to your own driveway, without the need for professional help. By addressing these little problems as they come up, the problems will not spread to something even bigger. The maintenance on asphalt driveways is easy and inexpensive for any owner.


Because of the asphalt's dark color, it draws and retains the heat from the sun. While this means your children should not play out on the driveway barefoot during the summer, it can be a benefit in the winter. The driveway will retain the heat, even after the sun has gone down. When snow falls, it will melt more quickly in the driveway area so you will be able to take your car out and go to work. The asphalt's color makes it easier for your use.