Want to Move to Australia to Work in Construction? Here's How You Can Have Your Qualifications Verified

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Are you considering moving to Australia to work in the construction industry? While there are many construction recruitment agencies who can assist you in finding work, you will have to take a number of steps in order to receive the right to work in Australia (a visa). Some visas are dependent on receiving a job offer prior to your arrival in Australia, meaning that some aspects of the process must be completed in your home country. The first important step is to have your qualifications verified, which will then allow you to seek employment.

Qualifications and Experience

You must be suitably qualified in order to be granted a skilled migrant visa. It's not enough that you wish to work in the construction industry, but you need to have the necessary qualifications and experience to be granted a skilled migrant visa for this industry. This means that if you have only worked as a casual labourer in the construction industry, then you are unlikely to have the minimum credentials. Of course, the qualifications in your home country might differ to standard Australian qualifications, which is why you need to have your skills verified. How does this happen?

Trades Recognition Australia

Your qualifications can only be verified if you come from a country that Australian authorities have deemed to have comparable levels of competency. This means that Australian authorities are only able to verify qualifications from a set list of countries. You must hold a passport for the country in question to be able to apply to have your qualifications from that country recognised. This process is called the Offshore Skills Assessment Program and is overseen by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA), a division of the Department of Education and Training. You need to check that your industry and home country are recognised by TRA before attempting to seek employment, even though an employment offer might be needed before a visa is granted.

Additional Verification

Depending on the nature of the employment you will be seeking in Australia, you might be required to provide additional documents in order to have your qualifications verified. TRA will advise you of what is needed, but you can expect to have to provide them with copies of your certifications, as well as payslips to prove that you have been employed in your nominated industry.

So while it's certainly possible to relocate to Australia to work as a skilled migrant in the construction industry, the first step is to have your qualifications recognised. For more information, visit sites like http://www.contractlaboursydney.com.au.