Tips For Shopfitting Your Retail Store

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If you have a retail store, you might be looking for ways to improve sales. One way to do this is by working on the shopfitting of the store. Shopfitting involves working on the overall layout of the store, from where to place shelves and clothing racks to how much space you need between aisles. Here are some tips for shopfitting your retail store.

Allow For Enough Space

One of the most important things to remember is that your customers need to have plenty of room to navigate the different aisles and sections of your retail store. No matter how big or small your store is, this is an essential part of shopfitting. You need to make sure you have everything on display, but that you don't make aisles so narrow that customers can't see all of the products you have to offer. Make sure you leave plenty of space near the entry and exit doors, then have enough room between clothing racks and aisles for strollers and wheelchairs to get through.

Know the Right Placement of Items

The next aspect of shopfitting is know where to place certain items in the retail store. For your newer items, try to scatter them throughout the store, but place a good amount of them in the shop window and near the front of your store. The high-priced items should be in the high-traffic areas of your store, preferably near the middle or back. This helps to encourage people to walk to the back of the store instead of just staying near the front. Make sure you carefully place your best items on the right side of the store, since people tend to go toward the right side first.

Offer Seating in the Store

When you are working on shopfitting your retail store, try to leave enough room for seating. Not only do you want seating in the dressing rooms, but it helps to have them around the store as well. Seating is especially important if you sell items like shoes or clothing, since people often like to sit down while trying on their shoes. Also consider placing seats outside the dressing room area for people waiting for their spouses or friends who are trying on clothes.

For additional tips, consider hiring a professional shopfitting company, such as William Waters Shop Fitters. They specialise in setting up your retail store to help get the most business and make the store convenient for employees and customers.