New Home Feels Too Tiny To Fit In? Illuminate Those Dark Corners!

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Do you ever feel like your house is small during the day and shrinks even further at night? Or perhaps the room feels bigger when the doors and windows are open? Owning a new home is a dream come true, but you're not at home until you have turned that cave to a haven. Did you know that a room with insufficient lighting will give an illusion of a smaller space? So how about some clever lighting tricks to help your house look spacious.

Allow more natural light.

How about a home renovation to replace that wall that always mocks you with a glass framed wall? Glass adds detail to a room and at the same time allows those blessed rays to brighten up your room. However, if throwing down a wall is not an option, treat your windows to light weight curtains to help keep your natural light abundant. Consider opening up a dark ceiling by placing a skylight or painting it with white or another light color. Work with a building contractor to open up a wall or add more windows and skylights.

Brighten up your stairway.

Your stairway should be anything but ordinary. After all, you don't want to end up sleeping on the couch downstairs because your stairway looks too boring to climb, or maybe you're frightened by the lord of the dark stairs. Adding some light fixtures will not only lighten up your stairway but will also add grandeur to every step you take.

Add some ambience to your space.

There are countless ways to play with lighting in your rooms. Instead of having those monotonous light bulbs hanging from the middle of every room, complement this with some hidden ceiling lighting. This is a genius way of lighting, as your rooms will feel taller. You can also have up-lighting alternated with some down-lighting which will create some mystery to the room and help you make better use of the well-lit corners—for example, by putting in an aquarium or some statuettes.

Be a little dramatic

Play around with your creativity. Experiment with colored bulbs that have a lower wattage and higher light output. Soft white bulbs provide a warm feel to a room and more yellow light. Accessorize your room with family photos that include white frames to create a brighter look. A white finish unifies the photos and at the same time brightens the walls.  You can also hang pendant lights, especially in a kitchen or in your eating area, to make the room feel lighter.