Four Signs Your Tiny Home Needs Double-Glazed Windows

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When building a tiny home, you don't need a lot of materials, simply because of the home's diminutive size. Because of that, you can almost always use the most high-quality materials possible. When designing your windows, that means double-glazed windows. Need more reasons to install these high-quality windows? Here are four signs they are right for you.

1. You want your home to be efficient.

Unless you want to pay for high energy bills, it helps to have a little home that is as efficient as possible. Double-glazed windows can help in both cold and warm climates. These windows capture and bring heat from the sun inside in the winter, and they prevent cool air from leaving the home in the summer. The air between the panes acts as a natural insulator.

2. You plan to move your home often.

If you plan to move your home often, it may be tempting to choose single-pane windows as they are more lightweight. That can help with fuel efficiency while towing your home. However, double-glazed windows are stronger. As a result, they are less likely to break if a rock flies off the road toward your home. To that end, if you want your windows to reach your destination without chips or cracks, you may want to consider double-glazed windows.

3. You want to reduce condensation.

Condensation can be an issue in tiny homes. As you are cooking, bathing and breathing in such as small space, water droplets may get trapped in the house. As moisture builds up, it can start to damage wood countertops, furniture or even cause mold.

This effect is compounded by the fact that many small homes don't have adequate ventilation. Luckily, double glazing can help with that as well. The layer of air between the panes insulates the interior pane, keeping it relatively close to the temp of the rest of the house. If the pane were to be cooler than the rest of the house (as if often the case with single pane windows), condensation would be more likely to develop on it.

4. You want a quiet home.

In addition to all the other advantages, double-glazing also helps to dull outside noises. If you are putting your home in the backyard of someone else's home, the windows can help to quiet the noises coming from the rest of the people who live in the area. Similarly, if your tiny home is situated near a highway, the sound resistant quality of these windows can help as well.