Roof Truss VS Conventional Roof: How to Choose

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If you are looking to have a new roof installed, you might be thinking about the structure. The two main options are a roof truss or a conventional roof. With a roof truss, a pre-fabricated triangular wooden structure is used to support the roof. With a traditional roof, it uses a stick structure in order to support the roof. Here are some things to consider about each option to decide which will work best for your home.

Benefits of Roof Trusses

First of all, you should know that building a roof truss has a lot of benefits. It can help save the roofing contractors time since there are very specific designs used for trusses, which have more predictable outcomes. This means less material is wasted and there aren't as many delays. You also benefit by saving money through construction of the roof trusses, as well as ensuring the construction schedule stays on track.

Drawbacks of Roof Trusses

On the other hand, while the roofing contractors know what to expect when building a roof truss and can therefore predict the timing and cost of the construction, it also takes a certain type of roofer to be able to accomplish it. Not all roofing contractors know how to build trusses, so you need to make sure you choose one with the right experience. Also be aware that some of the heavier point loads can't be used with roof trusses.

Benefits of Stick Roofs

A conventional roof structure, often called a stick roof, also has quite a few advantages to be aware of. First of all, since it is used often, most roofing contractors will have the ability to build this type of roof. It isn't quite as difficult looking for someone skilled enough to build a stick roof. It also gives your home more space underneath the roof, so if you want extra storage space in your attic, this is a better choice. It is also easier to see where a potential roof leak is coming from when you choose the conventional roofing structure.

Drawbacks of Stick Roofs

Unfortunately, stick roofs might be a common occurrence, but they simply aren't as steady or durable as a truss roof. The triangular shape of a truss roof provides a unique method of stability for the roof that you simply can't get with a stick roof. There might also be more maintenance required when going with a conventional roofing structure.