Some Terms to Remember When in the Market for New Windows

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When you're in the market for new windows, your glazier or window installer can give you suggestions on what type of glass you might prefer and what style of window would fit your home and your budget. However, knowing some terms and phrases before you start shopping can ensure you choose the right windows for your space and are happy with this investment for years to come. Note a few of those terms here.

Window styles 

Single-hung windows are somewhat standard; these come in two sections, and the lower section lifts to open the window. Double-hung windows allow you to lower that upper section as well. Double-hung windows can be good for homes with children, as you can open the top section for air circulation but have less risk of having a child fall through the window itself; remember that most window screens cannot support the weight of a child resting against it, so don't count on the screen for protection.

Casement windows are a single pane of glass that open on a hinge to the outside of the home. This can allow for maximum air circulation into the home. Awning windows have a hinge on the top and the bottom opens up, like an awning. These are good for areas with lots of rainfall, as you can open the window but still get some protection from the rain.


One term you might hear when choosing the frame material is vinyl clad. These windows are a combination of both wood and vinyl; the frame will have wood on the inside of the window but vinyl on the outside. This makes the windows very durable; you have the look of wood inside the home but the vinyl outside the home won't be as likely to chip, rot, or fade in the sunlight, as is common with solid wood window frames.

Impact resistant glass

Don't confuse impact resistant glass with bulletproof glass; impact resistant means that the glass is stronger than what might normally be used in windows, but it isn't necessarily unbreakable. Impact resistant glass usually just cracks in the area of the impact and that crack may travel all along the glass itself. However, the glass doesn't break into shards that can be very dangerous. This type of glass is good for residential homes with children who play outside and for areas near freeways where gravel and other debris may shatter a window.