When It Would Be Preferable to Construct an Artificial Turf Field

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Some school administrations are unsure about whether they should construct a natural grass field or one with an artificial turf. This article discusses some of the circumstances that would necessitate the construction of an artificial turf field instead of using natural grass. Use this information to help you to make an informed decision about the right type of turf for your school's new field.

High Traffic

An artificial turf is ideal if the students in the school will use the new field heavily. The artificial turf can stand up to that heavy use without deteriorating. This is unlike a natural grass field that requires a period of rest in order to recover from a session of heavy use, such as after a track and field competition has been held on that natural grass field.

Water Issues

Some municipalities may have strict regulations that prohibit the use of municipal water supplies for irrigation. Such regulations may have been passed in response to a prolonged drought that threatened to deplete the underground water supplies sustaining the community. In such a situation, it would be unwise to construct a natural grass field. This is because it would be difficult for you to get water to irrigate the field. An artificial turf can be your answer if local regulations bar you from using the available water for your field.

Similarly, an artificial turf would be the best choice in case the quality of the water supplied by your municipality isn't suitable for irrigation. An artificial turf may also be suitable if the cost of water in your area is so high that it would be unwise to have a natural grass surface on the new field.

Time Constraints

You can consider buying an artificial turf for your new field if there were delays during the construction of that field. Those delays may have made it difficult for you to allow natural grass to grow on the new field in time for a major sporting event for which the new field is badly needed. An artificial turf can be installed and be ready for use within a much shorter time than a surface of natural grass.

As you can see, there are exceptional circumstances that may make the choice of an artificial turf the only feasible option for a new sporting field. Talk to sporting field construction contractors if you still have some doubts about the choice of the surface for your new school field.