Things to Get Done Before Building Construction Can Start

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If you are planning on having a building constructed on land you have purchased, there are some steps the contractors need to go through first. This ensures the building and land itself are prepared, and that you have gone through all the right legal steps to having a new commercial building built. Here are some things that will need to get done before the actual construction of the building begins.


One of the first things the contractor needs to have done is surveying of the area. This might include just construction surveying or a combination of construction and land surveying. Engineering surveys are also often done. The surveying is necessary in order to make sure the land is ready for the type of construction you intend to do, from the size of the building to ensuring the ground can be graded to be flat and that utilities will be available. The building design itself might need engineering surveys done to make sure it is architecturally sound. General contractors usually hire consultants to handle all of the surveying for the land.

Obtaining Permits

If this hasn't been done already, you also need to visit the local building office to get permits. In some cases, they might wait until you have done surveying to make sure the building can go in that area of land and that site preparation will go through as expected. You also need to have the design and details of the building completed by your contractor before applying for permits. The permit office can work with the contractor, looking at their blueprints and either approving of the plans, or making slight adjustments so that it meets all local building codes. This process does require permit fees but shouldn't take too long.

Site Preparation

The final thing to do before the actual construction of the building begins is to prepare the site. This is when the land is prepared to get ready for utilities and ensure the framework will be on flat ground. The site needs to be cleared out first, making sure no debris, rubble, weeds, and trees are going to be in the way. Once clearing is done, excavation follows in order to install any underground sections of the building, along with utilities. The site is then prepared with grading, where the contractor makes the entire ground completely flat for the construction. After site preparation, your building construction will finally begin.