Reasons to Choose a Verandah Carport

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Having a carport on your property is a great way to provide protection for your vehicle and additional storage space. It keeps you from having to use the garage, and also keeps your vehicle off the street. A verandah carport is one that has a decorative roof, so it offers both style and function. Here are some reasons to consider a custom-made verandah carport for your home.

There Are Many Design Options

When you choose to have your carport custom-made with a verandah, you have the opportunity to completely customise the space. You will be able to use your home's architectural style and colour scheme to match the verandah perfectly. There are many roofing materials to be used for the carport, such as insulated roofing, glass tiles, or even colorbond roofing materials. You can go with traditional or modern styles, and choose a curved roof, gable roof, or flat roof. The options really are endless.

Your Car is Protected

One of the main reasons to get a carport with a verandah is to have somewhere safe to park your vehicle on your property, right next to your home. This not only keeps it safe and nearby, but it also protects it from various weather conditions. Some carports are made with flimsy aluminum or roofs that aren't too stable, but when you have a verandah built over it, it is closer to an actual roof like what is on your home, so it offers maximum climate and weather protection.

It is More Convenient

Also consider how much more convenient it would be to simply park your vehicle under a carport, as opposed to in the garage? Parking it in the garage doesn't leave much space to store other items, and, if you don't have an automatic garage door, opening and closing the garage to get the car in and out can be inconvenient. Carports tend to be roomier and much easier to maneuver in and out of. If you're in a hurry, you can access your vehicle more quickly, and you can use the extra garage space for storage.

You Get Privacy

If privacy is important to you, you will prefer parking right next to your house instead of in the driveway or on the street in front of your house. A carport is close to home's structure and the verandah hides your vehicle so nosey neighbours will be less aware of your comings and goings.