Inexpensive ways to update your bathroom

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Trying to update your bathroom when your budget is limited can be challenging. However even if money is tight, there are plenty of things you can do to revive this area of your home.

Install a few colour-coordinated fixtures 

One of least expensive ways to give a bathroom a makeover is to invest in some new matching fixtures; this will help to unify its overall look. It's also a great way to create a specific visual theme without having to overhaul the entire room. For instance, if you wanted to give your bathroom a touch of modern glamour, you could invest in a copper-toned light switch cover, towel rail and tap faucet. Items like this don't cost much and can have a dramatic effect on an outdated space.

Focus on the little details

Oftentimes, it isn't the general decor that causes a bathroom to look worse for wear, but rather the little details; loosened silicone sealant that's covered in mould for example, or an old, wonky shower head that's caked in limescale can make even the most carefully-decorated space seem a bit old and neglected.

The good news is that these issues can be fixed quite easily, without spending a fortune. Mouldy silicone around the edges of your bathtub or shower can be removed in just a few minutes, using a sharp blade and some scissors. New sealant is inexpensive and you can find tutorials on how to apply it online. You might be shocked at what a difference some new, gleaming-white silicone will make to the general appearance of your bathroom.

Replacing a worn-out plastic shower head with a contemporary chrome model is another reasonably low-cost way to give this part of your home an updated look. It worth noting however, that if you're not particularly savvy when it comes to DIY, you may need to have a plumber do this job for you. Although it may be tempting to try to save money by doing the work yourself, this is one area where it's best not to try to scrimp. Fitting the shower head incorrectly could lead to leaks which might in turn result in you having to pay for expensive repair work later down the line.

Give the walls a fresh lick of paint

Repainting your bathroom can transform its appearance; an injection of colour will make it appear larger, brighter and more modern. Provided you are willing to do the work yourself rather than hiring a professional, it is also relatively inexpensive; all that's needed is a tin of paint, a roller brush and a tray.

Bathrooms can be tricky to paint; to achieve that professional finish, you'll need to take extra care when painting around the light switch covers, the sink, the bathroom and the window. If you don't have a particularly steady hand, it may be worth buying some painter's tape to cover up areas where you wish to avoid getting paint splashes. With this being said, if you have the time and the patience to do the work properly, this is a wonderfully effective way to refresh your bathroom.