3 Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Commercial Electrical System

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If you run a commercial building, you might occasionally have difficulty with your electrical system. Whether the lights dim when plugging in a photocopy machine or you experience frequent outages, these are signs it is time to upgrade your electrical system. Here are some benefits to upgrading the electrical system, including installing a new electrical panel.

Prevent Overloaded Circuits

Your commercial building probably uses a lot of different appliances and electronics. Warehouses and stock rooms require a lot of equipment and machinery to be used, while offices need multiple computers, printers and photocopy machines, telephones, and various other electronics to be going at the same time. Unfortunately, if you have outdated electrical work, this can eventually lead to frequent power outages that then require you to reset the breakers. To avoid this, you can get a brand new electrical panel as part of upgrading the electrical system. It will be able to handle all the electronics you need to use.

You Can Correct Faulty Wiring

Part of installing a new electrical panel is replacing some of the wiring in your commercial building. This is the perfect time for the commercial electrical contractor to inspect all the wiring in the building and upgrade it at the same time as the new panel. You might have faulty wiring that you have been ignoring up to this point, but that is not only a safety hazard, it probably makes daily working more difficult. If you have dimming or flickering lights, it can cause eye strain and other vision problems when trying to work in the office. If you smell something burning or see sparks when plugging something in, that is a major fire hazard that needs to be sorted immediately. These are all good reasons to have a new panel installed along with re-wiring the electrical system.

They Can Install More Outlets

If your commercial building is an older building, it probably has a limited number of outlets. At the time, this might have been enough for the small amount of lights and electronics used, but your modern office likely has a lot more to plug in. If you tend to use power strips in nearly every outlet just to plug in all your computer and electronic equipment, it is time to call an electrician for some repairs. They can install more outlets in a safe and effective way so you avoid overloading the circuit, but also keep your employees safe when plugging things in.