Different Building Supplies You Can Consider For Cladding

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When constructing a new home, one of the building supplies that you could consider is cladding. Cladding refers to a non-loadbearing layer that is adhered onto the exterior of your home. It functions to protect the structure of your home from the varying weather elements, while also waterproofing it. Your choice of cladding could also play a role in enhancing the aesthetics of your structure thus improving the curb appeal of your residence. Here are some of the building supplies that you can consider when contemplating cladding for your newly erected structure.

Cladding made from UPVC

Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, also referred to as vinyl cladding, is a popular material that contractors can choose for your home. This material is specially designed to withstand the predominant Australian weather conditions. As such, you can be assured that it will not start disintegrating due to high temperatures or extensive exposure to wet conditions. Once applied, the vinyl cladding appears similar to painted timber. However, you can also opt to get your vinyl cladding in an array of colours to complement the overall colour scheme of your residence. Its smooth, non-porous surface makes it one of the low maintenance options you could consider for your home

Cladding made from metal

A common misconception that some homeowners have is that metal cladding will make their home appear like a tin shed. This could not be further from the truth though. These building supplies not come in an array of colour combinations making it a complementary fit to modern homes. With metal cladding, you can opt to install it as a feature wall on one side of your structure, or have the entire structure covered in it. Additionally, it can be used in tandem with a range of other building supplies such as timber to give the metal a natural, rustic appearance. When considering metal cladding for your home, select building supplies that would incorporate an insulation barrier for your home. This insulation barrier will ensure your home stays cool during the summer and warm in the winter, as metal as the propensity of transferring heat.

Cladding made from stone veneers

Another option you can consider is cladding made from stone veneers. These are great for homes that have been built with timber supplies as the stone cladding will make your house appear to be built from stone at a fraction of the cost of using actual stone building supplies. You can even opt to have colour pigments mixed with the cement used to make the stone cladding if you would like to add a pop of colour to the exterior of your residence. 

For more information, talk to a building supplies professional.