Be Sure to Go Over This Information When Choosing a Portable Toilet Hire

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Most homeowners don't rent a portable toilet every day, which is why they may not be familiar with how these units work and what is involved in their hire. A portable toilet can be a good choice for a large outdoor event you're hosting or for when you have contractors scheduled to work on your home and you don't want them using your restroom. Whatever your reason for arranging a portable toilet hire, note some information you want to ensure you cover with the rental agency.

1. Ask about inside lighting

A portable toilet may have a skylight that is open to the outside and which is the only source of light; this can be good on sunny, summer days, but if you're scheduling the portable toilet for any other time or if the weather may be overcast, ask if there are units with electricity and actual light bulbs overhead.

2. Note if there are heaters inside

Because a portable toilet comes in a separate little trailer, it may not be as warm as an actual restroom inside. You might ask about heaters for those events you arrange during spring or autumn months, and for anything that runs into the evening hours. 

If the inside of the portable toilets are not heated, always ask about bringing in space heaters as you may not be allowed to do that, for the sake of safety. You don't want to cause an accident with a space heater and a portable toilet that is not designed to handle this extra heat, so discuss your options with the rental agency rather than trying to manage this on your own.

3. Ask if you need to do anything with chemicals for the portable toilet

Chemicals are usually added to the waste tanks of a portable toilet to break down the waste and control the odor. These chemicals may be added to the tank before the toilet is delivered, however, you may want to note if you should add more chemicals to the tanks for a multi-day event. A portable toilet company may come to your site and clean and maintain the tanks and add chemicals as necessary, but it can be good to note what you can or should do in between their visits in order to control odors and keep the toilets in good working order.

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