4 Ways to Improve Building Security

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If you run a business, it is up to you to make sure the building is safe and secure. This helps to protect your own business assets, as well as your employees. If your security isn't quite up to par, the following tips will help.

Install Security Doors

The first thing you can do to improve your building security is install better security doors from a company like Portlite Windows. If your building has a wood front entrance door or cheap aluminum door, it is time to upgrade. A solid steel door is a good option since it is very strong, durable, and almost impossible to penetrate. Combine the steel security door with high-security locks and side fixtures, and you are improving your security exponentially. Another type of security door that can be beneficial is a tempered glass door with wrought iron door fixtures.

Get an Updated Alarm System

Every building should have a good alarm system to maximize security and safety. If your alarm system is an older model, it might be time to get a more modern one. Alarm systems not only keep invaders away by making it perfectly aware you have one, but it can help local police arrive quickly if the building is broken into. The alarm will sound immediately after someone tries to get into the building, whether through a door or window.

Improve Indoor Security

You might have a business that needs better security inside the building, such as to keep people from going into certain offices or lab rooms. For this type of security, focus on the types of locks and entrance systems you have. Replace the locks with sturdy steel ones that someone wouldn't be able to break off. For the hinges, make sure they are on the inside of the doors, not the outside. This prevents someone from unscrewing them to pull off the door. Lastly, consider installing electronic access control systems on the doors. Only people with the security code will gain access.

Get Video Surveillance

In addition to the security system, you should also consider having video surveillance. This allows you to monitor different areas of your building, including inside and outside. You can have a security team in place that monitors the video feed and alerts law enforcement if they see something suspicious. It also comes in handy if your building is broken into and police need to track down the individual. If you do install video surveillance, inform employees of the cameras for privacy protection purposes.