Need A Safe? Here Are Some Proven Ideas On Where To Install It at Home

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Having a security safe at home is a good idea. You can use the safe to keep your most valuable possessions, e.g. money, jewellery, important documents, etc. You can also use it to store dangerous weapons such as guns and ammunition. One important decision you have to make about having a safe at home is where to install it. Below, check out some tested and proven ideas that may work for you.

Behind a painting/picture

One common, yet effective, way to install your security safe at home is behind a wall painting or picture. Here, the safe is installed inside the wall where the cement holds the metallic frame of the safe in place. Once installed, the safe is left flush to the wall. A wall painting or picture is then hung over the safe to cover it from view. This installation idea is simple and functional. And although the safe is almost hidden in plain sight, not many people might think to look for it there.

In the closet

Another good place to store a safe is in the master bedroom as it is the room with the most privacy at home. The closet is an especially good location in this room; while some people might come into the master bedroom, not many will get into the closet. Here, the safe is installed inside the wall of the closet flush to the wall. A wooden or metallic cover might then be used to make it less conspicuous. Once the clothes are hung inside the closet, the safe will be hard to detect.

Under the flooring

You can also choose to have the safe installed under the floor. This is not a relatively common place to install safes so that makes it an even safer bet for you. Again, the safe is installed inside the flooring, flush to the floor. A timber of metallic panel is also used to hide or reveal the safe. And to further conceal the unit from sight, a carpet or timber tile is pulled over the unit to blend the area with the rest of the flooring.

Behind a hidden wall

You can go the extra mile and have your safe installed behind a hidden wall. This is a very clever and discreet way of installing your safe. Here, the safe is installed over the normal wall in your home. A second 'fake' wall is then built over the original one. You can, however, slide or open the fake wall to reveal the second wall where your safe is. Though expensive, this method promises to be the safest.

A locksmith can help you choose between the different types of safes available. They can also help you install your safe in whichever way you like for maximum safety. And if you ever need help opening your safe, a 24 hr locksmith company like Border Locksmiths can help too.