2 Child-Friendly Timber Accessories For Your New Deck

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An expansive timber deck which functions like an outdoor room is a quintessentially Australian home addition. Decks are popular in all regions of Australia, and provide a functional and beautiful new living space in your home. Families with small children often find that the deck becomes the preferred play area, especially during the warmer months. If you are planning a new timber deck and want to make it a more child friendly space, then here are two timber accessories that you might like to consider.

1. Timber storage and seating boxes

Along with small children comes the inevitable mess of toys which will accumulate on your deck. Having some timber storage units built is a great way to contain the mess and will allow you to do a speedy clean up after the little ones have gone to bed and mum and dad want to enjoy the deck in the evening. By adding some cushions to the top, you'll also have some handy extra seating for when you're entertaining guests.

It's possible to buy ready-made timber storage boxes, but a more aesthetically pleasing option is to ask your contractor to build one for you using the same timber used for the decking. Although some people choose to have their storage seating fixed in place, a more versatile option is to leave it movable so you can relocate or remove it whenever it's necessary. Whichever option you choose, ensure that it's never located near the deck's railings, making it possible for small children to climb over the railings.

2. Timber safety gates

If your new deck will have stairs leading down into the garden, then you will need to have a safety gate installed. Even a short set of stairs can be a dangerous, but oh-so-tempting, hazard for small children. A solid, child-proof gate will provide you with peace of mind, and make your deck a safer environment for your children to play in.

Again, it's possible to buy pre-made child safety gates from a hardware store or baby goods store. However, these are generally made from plastic coated metal, and are at best utilitarian and often just plain ugly. Having your contractor construct a sturdy and attractive gate for your stairs is a great way to ensure your children are safe without compromising on the aesthetics of your new deck.

Getting the design of your new deck right will be determined by a successful blend of practicality and visual appeal. If you'd like to include these child-friendly additions in your overall design, make sure you discuss them with your contractor to ensure that fit in seamlessly with the main deck structure. For more information, contact companies like Hayter's Timber & Paving.