How to Protect Yourself From the Adverse Effects of Vibration During Concrete Drilling

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Are you planning to perform a DIY concrete drilling task? Read on and learn some of the measures that you can take to protect yourself from the harmful effects of vibration during the drilling exercise.

Use the Right Tools

Many types of drilling equipment exist on the market. However, some of them may not be suited to certain drilling tasks when compared to other options. For instance, you may be exposed to greater levels of vibration if you use a drill bit with a smaller diameter than the appropriate size for the cores that you want. The higher magnitude of vibrations may stem from the added need to exert more force on the drill bit so that it makes a wider hole in the concrete. That added force that you exert will put your hands at the receiving end of intense vibrations, which can cause complications, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Pick the right tools to avoid suffering from such complications.

Service the Equipment

Concrete drilling equipment that is in a state of disrepair is more likely to vibrate more intensely when compared to equipment that is well maintained. For instance, loose components in poorly maintained equipment will vibrate more than tightly fitted equipment components. You should therefore inspect your drilling equipment so that you fix any defects before you start drilling.

Have the Right PPE

Even the most pristine drilling equipment may still vibrate as it is being used to drill through concrete. Such unavoidable vibrations can have a minimal impact if you have the correct personal protective equipment, such as thick leather gloves, as you work. That PPE may cushion you from most of the force generated by those vibrations.

Take a Break

Some of the adverse effects of vibrations take root when one is exposed to those vibrations for an extended duration. It is therefore advisable for you to take regular breaks during your concrete drilling project. For instance, you can take a break each time you complete drilling one hole through the concrete. Those breaks will allow your hands and fingers to rest from their exertion during the previous drilling session.

Vibrations pose a serious threat to the well-being of anyone who is exposed to them for long. Professional concrete drilling personnel know this and take all the necessary steps to avoid becoming victims of those risks. You should also also learn from them by taking the steps above to safeguard yourself from the harmful effects of vibrations.